We make it easy at  Combo Marketing for you to purchase your domain name direct and have it immediately available to use.

Domain name registration gives you your own identity on the Word Wide Web even if you do not have your website.  

You can reserve your brand name right away. Once you have registered your domain it is exclusively yours and becomes your web site address for as long as your annual registration is current.

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We have a full range of reliable and established services, from Domain Name Registration, to building and hosting your web site.

Combo Marketing is your ONE STOP, WEB SHOP.



You can transfer your domain name to Combo Marketing absolutely FREE

You can FREE PARK a domain name or use it for your email until you are ready to use it for your website.



What is free parking? if you are not ready to develop your website, you can free park it. This means that Once you have registered your domain name, it is not active but nobody else can use that name. It is your name and you alone can make use of it when you are ready.

If you are interested in parking your domain for free, please contact us