Web Analytics

Real-Time Tracking & Reporting.

Track Your Website SEO Performance & Visitors

Web Analytics is the ultimate tool to track your website performance. It will monitor live the number of clicks, hits, pages, visitor geographical locations, visitor behaviours, conversions, search keyword terms used to find your site and which search engines or directories they came from. A must have tool for all businesses.
Instantly Watch Visitors on Your Website
  • Find Out Who is Visiting You
    Our Web Analytics tool provides you specific and exact details of your visitors, from their location, time visited and pages viewed right down to individual click paths.
  • Confirm Social Advertising
    The Web Analytics system can measure the success of your social media promotions or advertisements to your website. You can view how visitors interact & engage with your content across multiple social platforms.
  • Real-Time Tracking
    See how many visitors are on your website right now, where they came from, and what pages they're viewing. You'll know whether advertising is working for you, including how much you're selling or website engagement.
  • Page Analytics
    Our content reporting helps you identify which parts of your website are performing well or not, and which pages are most or least popular so you can modify and create a better experience for your customers.
  • Intelligent Reporting
    Web Analytics allows you to create customised reports with just a few clicks to share with your team or compare multiple reports and find trends.
  • Mobile & Tablet Analytics
    Mobile and Tablet devices are as important as regular web traffic and so it is vital to track how they drive business to you. You can target these visitors and devices by giving you insights to relevant analytics and trends.
FAQ Web Analytics
What is Web Analytics?

Web Analytics is a tool that lets you track and understand website activity. You can also use it to determine what channels are driving visitors to your website.

Reviewing this data helps you recognise customer patterns and gives you insights on what web pages require optimisation.

What data can you collect with Web Analytics?
What is the use of Web Analytics in Online Marketing and SEO?
How often do I need to check Web Analytics?
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